NISD Enrollment Requirements

New Student Enrollment

Nacogdoches Independent School District accepts enrollment from all students within the district boundaries who meet age, residency, and health requirements. Intra-district Transfers are evaluated and forms can be found on the NISD website.

What documents will I need for enrollment? When enrolling a student for the first time in NISD, you will need to provide:

  • Withdrawal Form from the previous school

  • Driver's license or photo ID for parent/guardian registering a student

  • Provide Proof of Identity and Age using the following: birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, school ID card, records, report card, military ID, hospital birth record, adoption records, church baptismal record, statement of the child’s date of birth issued for school admission purposes by the division of the Texas Department of State Health Services responsible for vital statistics, or any other legal document that establishes identity.

    • Students under 11 years of age enrolling in the school district for the first time:

      • Born in the U.S.; must provide certified copy of birth certificate within 30 days from enrollment

      • Born outside the U.S.; must provide certified copy of birth certificate within 90 days from enrollment

      • If a certified copy of birth certificate is not produced in the time frame above, other acceptable proof of the child’s identity and age (see “Provide proof of identity and age using the following” list above) will need to be produced in this same time period. In Addition, a signed note explaining why a certified copy of a birth certificate was unable to be produced will need to be provided by the person enrolling the student.

  • Proof of Income for Pre-Kindergarten registration is also required: Current paycheck stub, letter from employer stating gross wages paid and how often they are paid, unemployment, workman’s compensation, or disability payment stubs, last year’s tax return, SNAP/TANF document card with name, current case number, and an adult signature.

  • Current Immunization Records (click here for immunizations requirements)

  • Proof of residency in NISD (current utility bill in your name (gas, electric, water) Cable TV or cell phone bills will not be accepted

  • Social Security Number or State-Assigned Alternate ID Number for a student (if available).

Official birth certificates may be obtained by calling the state health department in the state where your child was born. In Texas, you may order a birth certificate online from the Bureau of Vital Statistics, or call the office in Austin at 512-458-7111. Please allow sufficient time for your request to be processed.

High school students, for immediate enrollment, please bring your previous school withdrawal form, last report card or transcript showing all credits earned to assist in course placement. Records are requested through TREx; however, it may take up to 10 days to receive your records.

If you live with another family, do not have one of the documents listed, or have questions about the documents requested, please contact your school registrar for assistance. School phone numbers are listed on each school’s website.

Where will my child attend school? Locate the school that your child will be attending using the Attendance Zone Map. Students are required to attend school in the attendance zone of their primary residence. If you need further assistance determining which attendance zone you live in, please contact the Central Administration Office at 936-569-5000.

How do I enroll my child?

Students who are new to the district and/or did not complete the school year at a NISD campus:

All students should enroll using the New Student Registration link https://www.nacisd.org/page/student-registration

Upload all required documents to the online portal. The campus registrar will contact you once your information is received.

All paperwork must be completed before the  first day of school or prior to a student’s attendance in school.

What are the requirements for kindergarten enrollment? Children who live in NISD attendance zones and who will be 5 years old on or before September 1st are eligible for free, full-day kindergarten.

What are the requirements for pre-kindergarten enrollment? Children who live in NISD attendance zones who will be 4 years old on or before September 1st and meet one of the following entrance criteria are eligible to attend pre-kindergarten at no cost:

  • Qualify for free or reduced lunch or currently receiving SNAP/TANF benefits

  • Qualifies as Homeless as defined by Federal Law

  • Is a child of an active duty member of the U.S. Armed Forces or the child of a member of the U.S. Armed Forces who were injured or killed while serving on active duty.

  • Is currently in or has been in foster care

  • Unable to speak or comprehend the English language

  • Details on documentation required for eligibility regarding each of these criteria can be found on the TEA website: https://tea.texas.gov/ece/eligibility.aspx